Health Care Blog For Reform – Is There Any Hope?

In today’s times any health care blog concentrates on the big issue of health care reform. It is being discussed at a bipartisan conference today. President Obama says he knows the urgency of this issue and vows this conference is to be considered a last ditch effort to find lawmakers coming together to secure a compromise bill that will work for Americans. The subject of health care has been negotiated into the ground over the past year and no one seems to be capable of coming to an agreement on what is best for all of us. When politics becomes involved in issues such as the healthcare of our nation, it generally drowns out the voices of the general public and those in power do not seem to even want to listen to the silent majority.In this health care blog we discuss the fact that Obama knows first hand how complex the healthcare struggles can be for many as he observed his own mother as she struggled for her rights as she battled terminal cancer years back. Many others have written him with their own horror stories of how the health care industry has failed them, time and time again. To quote the president, “What I’m hoping to accomplish today is for everyone to focus not just on where we differ, but focus on where we agree, because there is actually some significant agreement on a whole host of issues.” In spite of the urgency of this topic, Republicans and Democrats simply seem to agree to disagree when it comes to certain issues, leaving no evidence of common grounds.This health care blog notes that President Obama and Senator John McCain from Arizona had a heated discussion regarding the legislation involved in healthcare reform. McCain stated that Congress, under Democratic control is fashioning the health care reform legislation all the while violating Obama’s openness pledges. The Senator says the legislation was produced behind the closed doors of a biased Congressional group using unsavory deal making techniques. McCain further asserts Americans actually want to return to the beginning of this struggle and totally scrap the legislation which is presently mired in Congress. As the matter is supposed to involve insurance and it’s coverage for millions the discussion seems to be veering further and further away from its intended subject.This health care blog is concerned with the fact that while all these high powered people battle it out, we seem to be left out. Left out of the decisions and not offered an opportunity to voice our feeling on this most important of subjects. While they continue to argue and debate, we see our medical insurance costs soar and there seems to be no end in sight without a good effective plan. Even the Democratic party cannot seem to come to any sort of agreement when it comes to health care reform.This healthcare blog is concerned about the study that shows some forty five thousand people die each year because they do not have health insurance. Additionally, some seventy percent of the three quarters of a million people who filed bankruptcy last year did so due to medical bills, even though most had insurance. Perhaps we need a lot more health care blog coverage to prod these folks along.